Changfei Li (2)

Chang Fei Li

Senior Advisor

Mr. Chang Fei Li (QFA, MBS, BCS, DIP in P.R & Marketing) specializes in foreign direct investment into the UK. He advises international ultra-high net worth clients investing as part of the UK Government’s Tier 1 program. This gives private clients the opportunity to not only obtain long term residency in the UK, but also maximize their investment return. He is also specialized in PE investment, mezzanine capital, distressed investment, and international business development.

Chang is co-founder and managing director of C&M Wealth Group Ltd. His career began in Tax World Ltd. as a sales manager providing tax consultancy services to high net worth individuals and business owners for 4 years. From there, he joined Bank of Ireland as a business relationship manager serving small-to-medium size businesses and facilitating their personal and business needs for 5 years. He then evolved as an associate financial adviser with Canada Life, one of the largest financial institutions in Ireland, specializing in wealth management and investment portfolio building for high net worth individuals around the world.

Having lived and worked in the EU and Asia for many years, Chang brings unique insight and perspective to his clients. He focuses on the evolving and unique individual needs of each client and offers them bespoke investment solution.