Quantitative Easing—Beijing Style

Contrary to the belief of many casual central bank watchers, there is a striking parallel between China’s quantitative easing and that of Japan, U.S. and Europe. Just as the Fed expands its balance sheet to bankroll the U.S. government, so does the Chinese central bank – through its state-owned banking satellites – expand its balance sheet to lend to SOEs to promote employment and growth.

Jason Hsu to Lead Research Affiliates’ Asian Effort

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research Affiliates today announced that Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Dr. Jason Hsu, will lead Rayliant Global Advisors, an Asia-focused investment firm based in Hong Kong, as Chairman, CEO and majority owner. Research Affiliates will retain a substantial minority interest in Rayliant (formerly Research Affiliates Global Advisors, the East Asia unit of Research…