Phillip Wool 沃飛流, PhD

Senior Managing Director
Global Head of Research

Phillip serves as Deputy CIO on Rayliant’s CIO committee, acts as a portfolio manager on the firm’s active institutional strategies, and leads a team of researchers with a focus on systematic, data-driven approaches to asset allocation and return predictability within asset classes. In his two decades in the industry, Phillip’s work has spanned from macroeconomic analysis and development of broad asset allocation strategies to specific research in the areas of equities, fixed income, and alternative assets.

Prior to joining Rayliant, Phillip was an assistant professor of Finance at the State University of New York in Buffalo, where he pursued research on quantitative trading strategies and investor behavior, and taught investment management. Before that, he worked as a research analyst covering alternative investments for Hammond Associates, an institutional fund consultant. Phillip’s research has been published in top academic journals, including the Journal of Portfolio Management and the Journal of Index Investing, and his views on markets and investing are frequently featured in the financial media, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s, and the Financial Times.

Phillip received a BA in economics and a BSBA in finance and accounting from Washington University in St. Louis, and earned his Ph.D. in finance from UCLA, where his research focused on the portfolio holdings and trading activity of mutual fund managers and activist investors.

Meet the Team

Jason Hsu 許仲翔, PhD

Chairman & Chief Investment Officer

Mike Bowers 鮑蔚誠, MBA

Senior Managing Director
Chief Operating Officer

Broken Tuan 段嘉尚, PhD

Senior Managing Director
Head of Greater China

David Scott, CFA

Senior Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer