Group Overview

Rayliant Global Advisors (“Rayliant”) is a global investment management group with more than US$26 billion in assets managed using Rayliant strategies*, as of March 31, 2019. Founded in 2016, we have offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Taipei.

Rayliant is a leader in global smart beta and asset allocation, with a focus on emerging markets. Our investment strategies are built on a foundation of research and bring together elements of behavioral finance, statistics, data science, and local market insights. We serve global institutional investors both directly and through partnerships with some of the world’s largest asset managers. We also help selected advisors, wealth managers and private banks develop institutional-quality research and asset allocation solutions for their clients.

Rayliant is founded and led by Dr. Jason Hsu, a widely-recognized leader in factor investing and asset allocation research, and co-founder of Research Affiliates. Jason has published over 40 journal articles, winning numerous awards for his work. He is an adjunct professor of finance at UCLA Anderson and also holds visiting professorships at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Kyoto University in Kyoto, and National Chengchi University in Taipei.

To learn more about Rayliant’s research perspectives on global markets, smart beta, asset allocation, quantitative methods, among other topics, please visit our Insights section.


The Rayliant Group of companies includes:

Rayliant Asset Management Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rayliant Global Advisors Limited (“RGA”), is based in Hong Kong and regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. It provides discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services primarily to institutional investors through separately managed accounts.

Rayliant Asset Management LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RGA, is an investment advisor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It provides discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services to a variety of clients through private access program, third-party money manager services and sub-advisory services.


*Assets managed using Rayliant strategies refers to assets directly managed or sub-advised by Rayliant, as well as assets managed by licensees utilizing Rayliant’s strategies.

Our Values

We are deeply opposed to manager ego and all it represents.

We are serious about our strategies and clients; but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We strive for authenticity and humility when communicating ideas and building relationships.

We avoid noisy performance attribution, and we do not sell recent performance. We do not data mine.

We strive to provide education, perspective, and solutions that drive deep partnerships over time.

We are motivated by purpose rather than money.

Our Principles

We are a different kind of investment management firm. We seek to have a broad impact on the industry not just through our research, but by how we operate and interact with clients.

Focus on Investor Outcomes

We strive to help rebalance the investment ecosystem in favor of investors. To accomplish that goal, we focus on investor outcomes rather than short–term performance or asset gathering. This focus permeates everything we do including how we hire, research, sell, market and even price. We avoid noisy performance attribution. We do not sell recent performance. We do not let product sales drive our research results. We do not data mine. We seek to earn trust-based partnerships with our clients and help them achieve their long–term objectives.

Excellence without Arrogance

We are deeply opposed to manager ego and all it represents. We are serious about our strategies and clients; but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. At Rayliant, we under emphasize the short–term performance of investment strategies and the prowess of star managers. Instead, we place a humble emphasis on capacity, investment discipline, and all-in cost.

Institutional Quality Solutions Tailored for All

Rayliant has a history of partnering closely with the largest global institutions to provide them with research, investment strategies, and products that help them achieve their goals. It is within our DNA to focus on delivering institutional quality solutions tailored to all our client’s needs.

Our Strategies

Our unique quantamental approach merges local fundamental insights and quant-based portfolio construction to deliver innovative investment solutions.


Rayliant has deep expertise in efficiently harvesting various sources of market anomalies and investment premiums. Our quantamental approach localizes traditional quant factors with fundamental research insights to enhance return efficacy. This collaborative approach overcomes challenges inherent in either fundamental-only or quantitative-only investment strategies and results in superior investment tools for global equities, fixed income, credit, listed real estate and commodities.


Rayliant leverages its expertise in macro forecasting, dynamic asset allocation and risk-based factor allocation to develop multi-asset strategies. Our disciplined quantamental framework utilizes quantitative models to understand interest rate movements, currency strengths, global equity market cycles and credit regimes. Additional qualitative analyses on geopolitics are used to further inform our tactical allocation decisions.

Our Team

Rayliant draws on a talented and diverse team with expertise in both asset allocation and factor-based quantitative investing. Our professionals take a humble approach to partnering with clients and have an unwavering focus on creating better investment outcomes.